TIPS to improve your listing to get MORE inquiries!

1)    Keep your calendar up to date – while we don’t require you to keep your calendar up to date, guests really get frustrated when they aren’t. PLEASE update your calendar when you confirm a booking. We REWARD owners who update their calendar by pushing you to the top of your listing group!

2)    Have UPDATED Rates – When comparing properties guests need to know what you charge. If you haven’t already updated your listing with 2020 rates, please do so now. ALSO, our search data shows that people start looking for “next summer” in early July…so set a reminder to add your 2021 rates before the 4th of July! Please keep in mind if a vacationer searches for a set of dates, and you DON'T have rates set for those dates, your listing will not be included in the search results!

3)    GREAT photos - Make sure you have the BEST photos reasonably possible. Listings with BETTER photos get more conversions (inquiries). If you need new/better photos, we have photographers who can help!

4)    Enticing Content – Once we get a guest to look at your listing, it’s up to YOU to sell it! Take time to explain in detail what your home is like. Be descriptive and make your potential guest want to book your place. If you need help, let us know.

5)    Respond right away! – When you get that text alert that you have a new inquiry, CALL the person right away. If they don’t answer, leave a message and then follow up with an email. When emailing them, answer their questions and finish with asking them a question… “would like to book?”

6)    Featured Listings – If you want to get to the top of the search results list, make your listing “Featured”. For only $49 you can “Feature” your listing on VROCNJ for 30 days to get a bump in views! A featured listing can be activated from your dashboard.

7)    Special Offers - If you get a cancellation or have a week that is just hard to book, you can list it in our "Special Offers" section. For just $50 you can promote any open weeks you have, over the next eight weeks, to vacationers looking for last minute deals!

8)    For Rent Sign – Have you seen our signs? They are everywhere and they help us help you! Our signs INCLUDE your exact listing number, which makes it easy for travelers who see it to find you right away on our web site. If you need a sign, or need a replacement, please let me know. They are FREE!

9)    Share your listing link – For those of you that don’t know this, your listing link is “” where the XXXX is your listing number. Use this link when sharing on social media and a photo and summary of your listing will be inserted, as well as a direct link to your listing page!

Want to see an example? Check out my listing for ideas at