Self Help Videos from our sister site VRLBI

While our website has a user friendly interface, we created these support videos to help you in case you get stuck. 

You can view them all by visiting our YouTube Channel or you can view the specific topic you need help with by clicking on the links below:

NOTE: It is best to view these videos in "FULL screen" by clicking on the square box in the bottom right of the YouTube video player.

Help with signing up

What Subscription is best for me?

How to Register on

How to RENEW your Annual Subscription

Help with your owner dashboard

Dashboard Overview

Help building your listings

How to IMPORT your existing listing from Vrbo or AirBnB

How to BUILD your Listing Overview

How to Add or Edit Photos in your Listing

How to "Fetch" your photos from other online sites

How to Sync your calendars with other websites

How to Add and Edit your Rates

How to add a Tax Rate to your Rates Table

Help managing your listings

How to Update your Calendar

How to "Extend" your rates to next year, with just a couple of clicks!

How to setup higher "Holiday" or "Event" rates for your listing

How To Export/Import Rates to update Rates for Next Year

How to Manage your Booking Requests

How to make your listing FEATURED or Highlighted

How to Add a SPECIAL OFFER to your Listing

How to manually add reviews to your listings from other sources

Help with marketing your listings

How to SHARE your listing on Facebook & Social Media

How to Request a REVIEW with a link to your listing

BASIC Rate Strategy for Your Listings


 If after watching these videos you still need help, please send us a detailed email to [email protected]