Book with confidence with our "Verified Users"!

Every new listing that is added to our website is verified by a member of our staff! We verify that the contact person in the listing is either the owner himself, the Realtor or Property Manager who is authorized to rent the property. So, you can book with confidence and we will back you up with our Scam Free Guarantee!

Just look for the "Verified User" green check mark in the owner profile to see if the listing qualifies:

Scam Free Guarantee* – When you book with a “Verified User” on VROCNJ, you are protected by our “Scam Free Guarantee”! That means you can rest assured that you are dealing with a person who is authorized to rent that property, not a online scammer! To be covered under this guarantee, you must send a “Booking Request” (by using the "Quick Quote" in the listing) for the rental through our website PRIOR to your stay, AND you must only send payment directly (no wires) and made payable to the “Verified User” in the listing.
*Double bookings, quality of accommodations, and other misrepresentations are not covered under this guarantee. NEVER WIRE PAYMENT FOR A RENTAL!