South End - Ocean City NJ

Ocean City / South End (34th-59th)


South End – Ocean City, NJ Rental Listings are sought after by those wanting to get away from it all. Most of this end is only 2-3 blocks wide making beach access easy for all. A small cluster of homes is carved into wild, open marshland with exceptional sunset views. Here you’ll find a surf fisher’s and nature lover’s delight. Little commerce disturbs the peace, but is close by when needed along 34 th Street, or in small clusters at 40 th Street and 55 th Street.

South End – Ocean City, NJ Rental Listings

Just give me the beach!

South End Vacation Rentals - You’ve heard the old adage - not a bad seat in the house? At this narrow tail of the island nearly every house is within a 2-3 block walk to very deep and sparsely populated beaches. Vacation rentals include classic beach duplexes and comfortable single family homes. The bridge at 34 th Street provides access to the mainland and Garden State Parkway, or take a scenic drive over the smaller bridge at 59 th Street to the next island town of Strathmore and shore points further south.

Beaches in the South End are broad, and seem reserved just for you and your family. Here going to the beach is more a lifestyle than event. Come and go as you please, grab lunch or a take a break from the sun since home is so close by. Parking and restrooms are available at 59 th Street along with an enormous set of swings sure to be a favorite as little ones soar over the sand.

Dining options are scattered in a few smaller clusters in the South End, with the center of action along the length of 34 th Street. Here you’ll find all day dining at Randazzo’s and the Pork Island Grill, or satisfy your sweet tooth with a trip to the nearby Treats and Treasures for ice cream or Dot’s Bakery. Venturing further south you’ll find Uncle Bill’s Pancake House and Aunt Betty’s Ice Cream at 40 th Street. As you approach the very end of the island, 55 th Street is home to the iconic Boyar’s Market and several eateries including Captain Bob’s, Mike’s Seafood and a Sack of Subs. Reward yourself with more ice cream at A La Mode Ice Cream Parlor or sample Mallon’s Homemade Sticky Buns – they have muffins and bagels too!

Shopping for conveniences along 34 th Street is easy with an ACME, Wawa, and Blitz’s Market for groceries, and fresh produce and plants at the 34 th Street Market. Visit Hoys for souvenirs, sundries, household necessities and casual beach clothing. Travel over 34 th Street bridge for more full service restaurants, food markets and liquor purchases. Activities appeal to the nature lover in the South End. Set up surf rods and fish the waves for dinner, or hike through thick vegetation along the sandy trails of Corson’s Inlet State Park until you reach the wildly rough surf of the inlet. More traditional amusements can be found at the 34 th Street playground and tennis courts, or at the street hockey rink at 52 nd Street.

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