Gardens - Ocean City NJ

Ocean City / Gardens

The Gardens!

The Gardens section or area of Ocean City is typically everything “north” of North Street.  This is the northern most tip of Ocean City and goes from the beach to bay neighboring the Longport inlet.  Historically the Gardens area was once a part of Longport.

The Gardens is home to some of Ocean City’s most desirable homes.  This area features many large lots and winding curved streets.  Some of Ocean City’s oldest and unique estates can be found in the Gardens.  There are both condo duplexes as well as single family homes in the gardens.

There are many hidden small streets in the gardens that enjoy their distance from the “busy” part of town.  The gardens is also home to many small eateries.  Locals often prefer “Waverly” Beach for its surf and it’s distance from the busy boardwalk beaches.

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